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carter_on_ice's Journal

Colonel Samantha Carter
29 December
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Samantha ‘Sam’ Carter

Your name: Richard
Your LJ: MagusRonin
Character name: Samantha ‘Sam’ Carter
Series/Fandom source: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe
Point at which taken from source: Following her appearances in the first couple episodes of Stargate Universe.

Age: 41 years, DoB December 29, 1968
Gender: Female
Species: Homo sapiens (human)
Blood type: A+
Allergies: none
Average daily food consumption (in food units): standard

Appearance: Sam is an attractive middle-aged Caucasian woman with long blonde hair usually worn back in a ponytail. She has blue eyes, and her height is 5' 9''. Sam's duties require her to keep her self in top physical condition.

Personality: While she generally maintains a highly professional demeanor, she does occasionally allow her sense of humor to come through. Sam is a deeply compassionate woman with strong ethical core. She's repeatedly demonstrated her abilities to be a strong leader and make difficult decisions. Sam is a dedicated scientist with a deep commitment to her duties and her friends.

Ph.D. in theoretical astrophysics
Expert marksman
Accomplished pilot, with experienced pilot in both human and alien crafts
Considerable biological and medical experience
Over a decade of active combat experience
Command experience on Atlantis and the Battlecruiser Hammond.

Weaknesses: She's human and subject to all the normal vulnerabilities of humans.

Special abilities:
Naquadah in her bloodstream allows her to operate Goa'uld technology, including the hand devices and healing devices.
She retains many of Tok'ra symbiont Jolinar's memories.

Samantha Carter graduated at the top of her class from the U.S. Air Force Academy. As a pilot, she logged over 100 hours in enemy air space during the Persian Gulf War. After earning her Ph.D. she spent two years at the Pentagon trying to make the Stargate program a reality from about 1994 to 1996. She was responsible for deciphering the Stargate address system and designing the dialing computer, though Daniel Jackson was responsible for figuring out the point of origin.
She was assigned to SG-1 as Colonel Jack O'Neill's second in command for the return mission to Abydos. She served as the chief science officer on the team, and would serve with SG-1, for the next 10 years. During that time she would play a critical role in defeating alien threats posed by the Goa'uld, the Replicators, and the Ori. While serving with SG-1 she was briefly possessed by the Tok'ra symbiont Jolinar. The symbiont sacrificed itself in order to save Carter's life, but following this experience Carter retained some of Jolinar’s memories and the ability to use Goa'uld technology.
After the defeat of the Ori in the Milky Way galaxy she was assigned to command the Atlantis expedition in the Pegasus galaxy, where she served for one year before being reassigned. Most recently she was commanding the Earth Battlecruiser Hammond.

Detailed character histories can be found at the following addresses.

Load bearing harness
FN P90 with standard sling, with 60 rounds of 5.7x28mm FMJ, 8 spare magazines.
SideArm with 8 rounds, two spare clips.
Zat'ni'katel ‘Zat,’ a Goa'uld weapon, one shot stuns, two shots kills, three shots disintegrates.
2 Flash/bang grenades
6 HE grenades
Survival knife
Tactical deployment vest

2 Sets standard BDUs (black)
Combat boots
Baseball cap (black)
Trail backpack

3 Day's MREs (meals ready to eat)
1 Bottle water fifiltration tablets
Tactical radio
Logbook, with simple lock
Laptop computer
6 Standard batteriries
Survival kit
First aid kit and Goa'uld healing device.
Duct tape

5 Flares
5 Glowsticks

Compass, magnetic
Compass, inertial
Weather sensor

Waterproof shoulder bag
Chemical analyzer
Scientifific manuals (digital format on laptop)
2 Science Logbook
Evidence kit
Science kits
Geiger counter
Electronics kit

Demolitions kit (remote and timed detonator caps)
1/2 lb of C4

This is a roleplaying journal for aphelion_rpg by magusronin.
Samantha Carter, and the Stargate franchise belongs to Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer production company.
All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.
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