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Colonel Samantha Carter
((Posted in the morning))

Meeting this evening in the Rec Room at 17:00 an hour before lights out.
Let's try and figure out how to get things working normally again.
Colonel Samantha Carter
19 February 2010 @ 07:19 pm
A little while ago Church asked everyone to share their stories so that we could gain a better idea of any patterns that might connect us. I have been somewhat reticent to share my history given the nature of my work and the obligations I'm under. The information I’m sharing in this document is top-secret under US and international law, and if any of you ever do manage to get back to my reality for sharing of this information would carry stiff legal penalties. That said I do not believe any of you are actually from the same reality I am. James and Richard may or may not be and as to the rest of you it seems unlikely. To of you at least, Robin and the Count of Monte Christo, are characters from fiction in my dimension and for all I know we might all be characters from fiction in some reality. I have had dealings with alternate dimensions of reality on several occasions as well as time travel. There have long been hypotheses in science fiction that authors either look into alternate universes for inspiration, or that they're very act of creating fiction creates new realities for those characters to inhabit. We've never had methods for testing these hypotheses so they have remained in the domain of science fiction. And regardless of whether or not we are fictional beings of other universes, I do not believe this invalidates our reality in this universe or are home universes.

As to my story, for the last dozen years or so I have been involved in a top-secret government organization known as the Stargate program. The program makes use of a device called a Stargate, built by an ancient now extinct alien race. The Stargate creates a wormhole that connects it to another gate on another planet elsewhere in the galaxy or a neighboring galaxy if sufficient power is available. Traveling through these gates is simply a matter of stepping through the event horizon on one end and a moment later emerging at the other end on an alien planet. A network of these gates connects the habitable worlds in our galaxy and our neighboring galaxies.

The primary mission of the Stargate program was to collect alien technologies and guard against possible alien threats to earth. Over the years I have had the opportunity to interact with most of the alien races in our galaxy and our neighboring galaxies. Recently I had the opportunity to serve as the commanding officer of a scientific and diplomatic expedition in the Pegasus galaxy on a city sized space station that had been built and later abandoned by the same alien race that constructed the Stargates.

Most recently, immediately before I was brought here, I was serving as the commander of one of earth’s intergalactic battlecruisers exploring a world on the edge of our galaxy. So whoever brought us here definitely has the ability to pull us from some considerable distance. I hope this information will be enlightening. And I'd be happy to answer further questions about myself, if you have them.
Colonel Samantha Carter
19 February 2010 @ 05:15 pm
So Church, are you saying we should bake you a big birthday cake, and throw a party?